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Honey Bee Suppliers      V&L Honeymakers
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Hello! My name is Viktor Zaichenko. I am a bee keeper and honey producer with many years experience in queen rearing and beekeeping, both here in the UK and also in my home country of Ukraine.
I was married in 2009 to my lovely English wife Lucy and we have since started up our own company specialising in queen rearing and selling Queens, Nucs and Honey.
An essential part of our business is raising queens and breeding bees for sale during the spring and summer months.
We have chosen to work with the Buckfast stock because of their exceptional gentleness, excellent honey production, lack of swarming and resistance to disease. However, it should be noted that no guarantees whatsoever can be given that all our Queens are gentle by nature.  Bees are not pets, they are essentially wild animals, and their nature is to protect themselves, their homes, their babies and their honey banks.  We try our best to carefully choose our breeder colonies and breeder drone colonies, and flood the mating area with gentle fathers, but occasionally - and not many - some our girls misbehave and mate with drones without our approval.  For example in 2011 out of 1000 Locally raised Queens, approximately 20 turned out to be snappy.  We cannot guarantee total kindness of all our Queens, we are still not able to read Bee codes and the gentle gene in the Bee DNA - but if you do get trouble with a snappy Queen send her back to us (we can put her on honey production) and we will happily replace her, free of charge.

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The ultimate goal of our breeding programme is to produce stock with low susceptibility to common honey bee viruses and maladies such as Chalk brood, Nosima, etc. (healthy bees = live bees)  and at the same time keep the selection for honey production, gentleness and low level swarming tendencies.
By breeding from the best colonies year after year, our bees show an annual improvement and additionally an increased ability to survive the threat of emerging viruses and pests.
Our aim is to offer you not just a stock without identity, but highly productive queens and honey bees that are healthy and happy! We take great pride in our work and in the care and management of our bees and continuously strive to improve their tolerance to disease and ability to withstand the current difficulties that threaten their population globally. We hope that both new bee keepers and those more experienced will enjoy and benefit from the high quality and superb characteristics that are the hallmarks of our bees.